Help us to give these children an opportunity to a better life. For now, and the generations to come.

 Trip cancelled due to closed borders

Due to Covid 19 restrictions we were unable to make our yearly trip to Kisumu this year. We will miss seeing all our beautiful kids, widows,George and family and all our lovely friends we have made on our previous trips.

Absence certainly does make the heart grow fonder but we pray this Covid craziness will end soon and God will make a way for us to all see each other again in the not too distant future.

The Bore well has been dug and now the widows and children can enjoy clean clear drinking water. Thank you to a wonderful donor for supplying the finances.

We were delighted when a group of 5 widows wanted to meet with us and told us they had formed their own committee and would like to start a business to become self sufficient and look after the other widows. The profits of the business would pay for food, medical supplies and funerals along with any emergencies that arise. We are in the process of drafting up a business plan and raising the amount of $2,500 to get them started. If you would like to donate toward the widows business just hit the Donate Now button and write Widows.

We have several projects coming up so your donations will be so appreciated and put to wonderful use that will definitely make a difference and change so many lives.

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