Our Current Projects

 Sponsorship- school building- widows feeding program -clean water wells


We are happy to announce PLDI have been able to build 2 more classrooms to Redland Junior School thanks to our wonderful donors. Our school is growing which means more children who previously were denied an education due to poverty will now be able to start school and receive the education they have so very much longed for. We would love to continue to give even more children the opportunity to fulfil that dream. The school is in need of desks, chairs and resources.


Child Sponsorship

​   One of our passions is to find sponsors for each of the Precious Little Diamond orphans so they have an opportunity to wholesome food, medication, as cholera, malaria, typhoid and other diseases are common sicknesses, warm clothing in the winter and of course, their dream of having an education like other children.

  The delight sponsors experience in knowing they are giving their child an education and chance for a better future is so rewarding.




Widow's feeding program


Precious Little Diamonds

BSB - 064138

ACC - 10670773

Clean water bores

Many of the elderly widows we met are looking after up to 10 small children with no income to support them. PLDI distribute food, blankets, cooking and hygiene

products to ease the burden. We have just set them up with a new Marquee and chairs for an event hire business to become more self sufficient. They are still requiring tables and cooking utensils to complete the business. Your donation toward this would be greatly appreciated.



Having clean water to drink can be easily taken for granted by people living in first world countries but many places around the world including Kisumu Kenya, dirty and contaminated water is all they have access to. 

PLDI are delighted to be able to dig water bores that produce clean crystal clear water for the orphans, widows and surrounding community to drink and use for cooking , reducing the risk of Cholera and other water borne diseases. We are needing to purchase a tank to hold the water supply above the well. If you would like to contribute to this project please donate below.


Filling of School Pond

The education department called for the pond at the school to be filled in for safety reasons. 15 truck loads of land fill and a lot of hard work by the young men assigned to the task and the water had disappeared. Ready for the safe house to be built for vulnerable children.

Kitchen and Storeroom

Children going to school in Kenya need to be fed as the parents are often too poor to send food along with them to eat. The kitchen and storeroom have started to be built and will provide lunches for the 80+ children going to Redland Junior School.